AAUW Escondido-San Marcos’ October Program

AAUW Meeting
10 a.m., October 18, 2014
Redwood Terrace
713 West 13th Avenue (crosses South Redwood St.), Escondido
Final count for the luncheon is due Monday, October 13th.

Speaker Sandra Noyes
“My Life in Botswana”

MyLifeinBotswanaA successful businesswoman gets a dire diagnosis of cancer and decides to join the Peace Corps for an adventure for the time she has left.  And what an adventure she had in the wilds of Botswana where she lived with the natives, hunted with the men and flourished against all odds!  She will not only share her experiences there, but will bring some of her fabulous collection of animal skins, weapons and native crafts.

Bring contributions for our Book and Plant Sale.
and canned vegetables and tuna
for Interfaith Community Services.

From the President…


It is a pleasure to highlight and thank three of our selfless, dedicated members who continue with needed tasks, special touches and ongoing obligations that enhance our group and allow us to carry on.

Thank you to Susan Duey who, for as long as she has served as Program Co-Chair, has hosted us well at every meeting by arriving far ahead of time to ensure the room is set up properly, that the food will be ready and that the AV equipment is available. She brings pastry to go with our morning tea or coffee. She conjures up lovely centerpieces for our tables and often offers them to members to purchase, with the money going to the Educational Foundation. We so appreciate your hospitality, Susan!

Thank you to Sandra Gerard, the caretaker of our reservations and overseer of our cash box. Every month for years she has sent out e-mails to us asking for our RSVPs. She coordinates those who help her call people as needed. It is her telephone number that appears with our publicity, so she receives and fields questions from the public. She turns in the reservation count on time. Before each meeting she ensures that there is sufficient change in the cash box. And, if she won’t be at the meeting, she ensures that other members will be working in her absence. What a labor of love, Sandra. Thanks so much!

Thank you to Susan LaFreniere, for producing our directories for the last 4 years. Think for a moment what is behind the supply of directories that have so magically appeared at our initial meeting each year. Tasks include checking with many people to ensure that every fact included is accurate — from the list of programs to every contact detail for each member, coordinating production with the printer, and submitting copy in ample time so that those present at our September meeting will receive their very own booklets. Susan, thanks to you, we have our branch’s most important reference books that allow us to have our yearly calendar and to stay in touch with each other. Well done!

Marion Reid