Welcome to Escondido-San Marcos Branch

AAUW April Meeting
April 16, 9:30 a.m.
Redwood Terrace
710 West 13th Avenue, Escondido, CA

Anne Randerson, instructor at CSUSM, will speak on Business
Communication in a Cross-Cultural World

Anne Randerson

Anne Randerson

Dr. Anne Randerson, our April speaker, is a university lecturer and intercultural consultant specializing in intercultural communication, global leadership, comparative lifestyles, cultural integration, diversity and inclusion.

Born and raised in San Diego, she’s lived in Belgium, Japan, France and Spain for 25 years, and speaks six languages.She has been a lecturer at CSUSM since 2013.

“Understanding cultural differences is vital if you want to do business in other countries,” says Randerson. “A lot of companies want to be international, but they have to understand that each country is unique with its own culture
and its own people with a different mindset than what you may have here in the United States.” One example she gives is that in Belgium, families spend Sundays with their families and it is even illegal to mow the lawn on that day, since you might disturb your neighbors.

She received her B.A. degree in French from the University of California at Davis, and her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Human Life Studies from Koriyama Women’s University in Japan. Anne is
nothing if not versatile. You caught that part where she speaks six languages?

In addition, she teaches courses in Intercultural Communication, Global Studies, Leadership Studies, Global Business, International Research,Sociology, Creative Writing, and French, and regularly lectures in Europe and Asia. Her research interests include intercultural communication, global leadership, comparative lifestyles, multimedia, and diversity and inclusion. When teaching, she appreciates the synergy and creativity in blending individual strengths and sources of inspiration from diverse cultures,motivating students with interactive presentations, role-playing, self-assessment activities and team building exercises.

Photos from her book,Scenes of Japan, have been exhibited in numerous locations, including the Japanese and American Embassies in Brussels, Belgium. She is currently working on the manuscript for her next book, “Cultural Intelligence – Adapting to a Global Lifestyle in an Increasingly Diverse World.” In her “spare time” she volunteers with San Diego County’s “Live Well San Diego” North Central Region Leadership Team and with a local cat rescue and adoption service.

In addition to Dr. Randerson’s presentation, our member Jennifer Fabbi will give a brief update on what’s happening library-wise at Cal State San Marcos. She is the CSUSM Library Dean.

Editor’s note: We appreciate Dr. Randerson’s accepting this engagement on very little notice. Our scheduled speaker, the one listed in your directory, was to have been Gloria Lane, Bette Popp’s daughter. We regret that she had to cancel due to a health issue.