AAUW Escondido-San Marcos’ June Program

AAUW Meeting
10 a.m., June 21, 2014
Dittus Hall, Redwood Terrace Retirement Center
713 West 13th Street (crosses South Redwood St.), Escondido
Final count for the luncheon is due Monday, June 12

Jule Gómez de García
“Land, Literacy and the Politics of War:
Ixhil Mayan Women Recuperate from the Guatemala Civil War”

JuleGomezdeGarciaTeaches: introductory linguistics, morphology, field methods in linguistics
Research Interests: Dr. Jule Gómez de García, professor of Linquistics at University of Colorado, specializes in the documentation and revitalization of endangered languages and has worked with the Oklahoma Kickapoo, the Jicarilla Apache, the Q’anjob’al Maya community in San Diego, and the Ixhil Maya community in Nebaj, El Quiché, Guatemala. With other linguists and a team of Jicarilla Apache speakers, she created a dictionary of their language. She is currently working with Ixhil Maya consultants and others on the production of a National Science Foundation supported grammar and dictionary of the Nebaj dialect of Ixhil. Her work involves development of community project leaders and instructors from within indigenous communities. Hear her talk on Ixhil Mayan women.

Don’t forget to bring
Food for I.C. S. and Wrapped Mystery Gift

Interfaith Community Services

We’ll go out to sea again, ladies, and cast the nets for TUNA! The STEWS and HEARTY SOUPS are always needed. If you donate at our meeting with a check, please mark the Memo line … FOOD. Thanks. See you on Redwood Street in June.

Ruth Waldsmith

Presidents’ Musings – The Year in Review

A lot has happened this year:

  1. In July we honored Gloria Pellom with a farewell luncheon at The Olive Garden in Escondido and wished her well in her move to El Cajon to be near her daughter.
  2. Effective with the November meeting we moved our venue to Dittus Hall at Redwood Terrace: a well-appointed facility with nutritious food.
  3. In January we delved into our branch archives, which is housed in the Pioneer Room of the Escondido Public Library (the EPL), and began celebrating our branch’s 60th anniversary. Carlsbad/ Oceanside/ Vista branch members who joined us for the March meeting helped us eat the branch birthday cake. In May we showcased the letters and certificates of congratulations we received from AAUW National and AAUW California. And we have collected some branch documents to add to our archives.
  4. We heard enthusiastic reports from the six 8th graders we sponsored to attend Tech Trek last summer – 3 from Bear Valley Middle School in Escondido and 3 from the Valley Center Middle School. We selected nine rising 8th graders to attend Tech Trek this coming summer.
  5. We awarded four $3,000 scholarships to college/university students: two to re-entry women (selected last fiscal year) and two to women majoring in chemistry (selected during the fall).
  6. We enjoyed 9 outstanding programs and look forward to the 10th in June. Topics ranged from ‘how not to be a victim of crime’ to winter music themes to Francine Busby’s talk on ‘the rising tide of women in leadership.’ Speakers included faculty members from Palomar, Mira-Costa and Cal State San Marcos and published essayist and author Sue Diaz.
  7. We made in-roads in our liaison work with California State University San Marcos, so that we now have signed up 18 e-SAF (electronic Student Affiliates) members of AAUW and are poised to reach many more students next fall.
  8. Throughout the year we raised funds through friendship luncheons, by selling plants, books and puzzles, and with opportunity drawings for mystery gifts.
  9. Through our national and state dues we contributed to AAUW work beyond our local arena.
  10. We gave $750.00 to the AAUW office in Washington for the Educational Opportunities Fund.
  11. We contributed food and personal checks to Interfaith Community Services.
  12. Some of us continued membership in one of our two book clubs and/or enjoying bridge once or twice each month.
  13. We welcomed seven new members.
  14. We celebrated Lorraine Boyce’s induction into the Women’s Museum of California Wall of Fame. Lorraine was the first woman to serve on the Escondido City Council and served a term as Escondido Mayor.
  15. We mourned the passing of Yolanda Fleet, Ann Williams, charter member Barbara DeMers, and Blanche von Seggern, friends of long-standing who supported us in many ways.

We invite you to join us in renewing your memberships if you haven’t done so already. And
we thank all who have been elected or appointed to serve in the next 12 months. We will
strive to carry on the work and camaraderie of our branch throughout the 2014/15.

Ginny Abushanab and Marion Reid