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September Meeting

September 19, 2015
9:30 a.m.
Redwood Terrace
710 West 13th Avenue (crosses South Redwood St.), Escondido

New Year: New Format
An important message from your Board

Three UCSD Tech Trek scholars from Valley Center Middle School

UCSD Tech Trek scholars, to speak at our meeting.

If you were at the general meeting in June, you are cognizant that many of the members wanted something different in the way of a meeting format. They wanted to be done earlier and they didn’t wish to have lunch.

So on August 15th, the members of the Board voted to change things. The biggest change is that we will no longer meet for lunch. From now on the meeting will be a simple Continental Breakfast, starting at 9:30. What’s more, it will be FREE.

AAUW Escondido/San Marcos Branch Co-President Stephanie Osowski

AAUW Escondido/San Marcos Branch Co-President Stephanie Osowski to speak at our meeting.

Yes, you read right. There will be no separate charge for food. To attend a meeting from now on will cost $8.00, whether you eat or not. (So you may as well eat, right?) About a third will go for the room and the food, about a third will go to the speaker, and the last third will be used to sustain our annual budget. The members of the Board hope that this trial experiment turns out to everybody’s liking. However, they’re prepared to rethink the entire situation after a few months. Please feel free to give Marion or Stephanie or any other member of the Board your input, positive or negative, as the fall season progresses.

Ginny Abushanab
Newsletter Editor

Welcome Party for Potential Members

wine-and-cheesePlease join us for a wine and cheese get to know you event on Thursday June 25 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Stephanie Osowski’s home, 708 Foxhall Ct., San Marcos. Guests will learn about AAUW, its mission, and why it would benefit them to become a member.

Bring a friend or to to get acquainted and bring an appetizer dish or your favorite wine to share. RSVP to Stephanie stephogteach@gmail.com or 760-214-3191.